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Works capture a world of moody sexiness, beauty and slovenly elegance. Documenting subjects in snapshot like paintings depicting both the beauty, and the cruel, dark, seediness of everyday life. Using a muted or monochromatic pallet to create a dark, smoky atmosphere and an impressionistic technique. Drawing on an affinity with bygone eras, transforming The Bright Young Things of their day from their opium dens’ and sleazy jazz clubs’ into today’s world where rock-stars are the hero’s and self obsession reigns.


“She captures moments in paint the way some people jot notes…” ( artist profile)


“Painting a world where elegance is paired with neglect…” (i-D magazine ‘‘round midnight’ exhibition review 2007).


Figurative works capture the mood and emotion of the subject, sometimes caught unaware of the intrusion, often in revere, seemingly waiting for something to happen… While large-scale portraits catch the subject in the moment they let their guard down, showing a glimpse of vulnerability, innocence, sadness or happiness, excitement or nonchalance, capturing their fragile elegance.

“ Anna McEachran’s paintings are an intoxicating mix of grunge and glamour, introducing fine art to the underground world of rock ‘n’ roll with her skanky chic art…” (Hobo magazine). Paintings inspired by the Byron’s of today, the rock star lyricists like Pete Doherty and Keith Richards…

“Large-scale nudes of sinuously posed women with piercing gazes, Anna has captured a look that says ‘I know exactly what you’re thinking,’ challenging the observer to wonder what the subject herself was musing on at the time…” (Patience Lindhjem for Curve Magazine artist profile). The viewer feels like a voyeur, perversely intruding in to the subject’s private world and intimate thoughts, as if catching them in the act of something, or more likely, just after something has happened.

Striving to re-awaken a sensibility associated with the Impressionists, somewhere almost lost in contemporary painting, echoing their imagery and technique whilst still remaining rooted in the contemporary, transforming the subjects into a world of dingy clubs, loud music and early morning musings.

Imagine Toulouse-Lautrec’s muse La Goulue falling asleep in a Montmatre bordello in 1900 and waking up in the Gin Palace at 4am in 2010. Although, while interested in Impressionism, the aim is not to resurrect it, more so to re-interpret it’s aesthetics, mixing something from the past with something contemporary…

“’I think I must have been a flapper in Paris in a previous life…’ says Anna, indeed this affinity is reflected in her pieces, even though the subjects are contemporary, the large canvases are reminiscent of an impressionist style, her brushstrokes are deliberate and bold, defining the paintings construction without consuming them…” (Curve Magazine artist profile)

Painting and selling work since she was sixteen, Anna’s first solo show was at the age of 23 at Hudson Gallery, followed by numerous solo and group shows. She has sold to buyers all over Australia as well as internationally to London, Berlin, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia to name a few.